The first one

First blog post. It has been in my mind for such a long time. For so many years I have wanted to start writing my own blog. But I always procrastinated. I wanted my blog to be perfect. I wanted that literally every pixel and every letter of my blog would be perfect. Yes, I am a heavy perfectionist. I’m wondering why this state is still not being officially cured. Perfectionism is toxic. It leads to overthinking. Constantly. Whenever I wanted to start building my blog there were so many question jumping in my mind – how is the design of web page; is my English good enough; is my content good enough; it’s long enough; it’s short enough; how many mistakes of any kind I will make; etc. You don’t wanna see nor hear my monkey mind. But this time I said screw you, perfectionism. I will beat you by publishing my very first blog post which is not zillion times analyzed from all possible corners. Neither the webpage redesigned uncountable times. So, here it is. Beginning of the blog that will expose me and the depths of my mind. Cheers on the next posts.



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