Baltics. A place squeezed between Nordic and Slavic lands. Proudly owning the names of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. A place of short summers and long winters. A place special on its own. Unique. A place where stories about crusaders and pagans are still written in the blood of natives. Flatland full of woods. Woods of thousands of stories and even more secrets. Woods of sadness and hope. A place with people that praises nature. And the products the one gives. A place iconized by the amber and its power. Amber, those stone-shaped pieces of Baltic’s woods that has been in the wild Baltic see for million years.

And finally, a place I have arrived few days ago. Riga. Latvia. Today I started counting how many times I have already been to Riga. Counting has stopped at the 5th finger. On the second hand. Ten. Ten times. Such a rounded number. This is why I dedicated this blog to Baltics. First time I visited it was in the winter exactly 5 years ago. Back then Riga was snowy and cold just the way it is today. Well, today most probably even more. And ever since, part of my life path led me here. To Baltics. To Latvia. Also to other two states. After walking old streets of Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn I got enchanted by them and their magic. Step by step, on those old streets, you travel back in time. More with every step you make. Hundreds of years back in time. History is embodied in walls of old buildings and in stones on the ground. It’s like a time machine to medieval times. Not much places can give you this. Baltics do. And this brings magic on the surface. Whenever I come to this part of the Europe my mind gets frozen. Literally. It is cold. Indeed. But this coldness is different. It freezes your mind metaphorically as well and therefore your senses become sharper than mind. 6th one the most. And that’s what makes this land mysterious.

Thank you, Baltics. I honor you!


photo: Riga, Latvia

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